Tina Fey reprises Sarah Palin impersonation on "Saturday Night Live"

Sarah Palin was back in the news last week, and that always leads to one thing: Tina Fey's return to "Saturday Night Live."

Fey came back on "SNL" to reprise her role as the former vice presidential candidate. The skit was in response to Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump on Jan. 19.

Fey and Darrell Hammond spoofed the event, with Hammond playing Trump. Fey even wore the same exact beaded cardigan as Palin. The two delivered the cold open for "Saturday Night Live."

Palin tours with Trump as Cruz faces criticism

"I wanted to take a break from my full time career of writing things on Facebook to fly down here and lend my support to the next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump," said Fey.

Hammond responded, "Isn't she the total package? Smart, legs, yelling -- everything."

The cold open mocked how Palin appeared to remove blame from her son, Track Palin, for his domestic violence charge and instead link it to PTSD: "I'm here because we Americans are struggling. So many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or our reality shows about Alaska. We've seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes."

Hammond might have wanted Fey to stop -- he said, "Dear God, she's still talking" -- but if you want to see Fey's most famous character to date, watch below.