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Donald Trump supporters disappointed they didn't see Sarah Palin

When former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showed up to bestow her endorsement upon businessman Donald Trump, she asked Iowans, "Are you ready to stump for Trump?"

The Trump supporters were. And they wanted to see Palin stump for Trump. But the 2008 vice presidential nominee didn't to show up to Trump's speech in in Norwalk, Iowa Wednesday morning, even though the campaign said Palin would be traveling with Trump for the day.

Derrick Sharpe pulled the slightly wrinkled Eventbrite ticket out of his pocket to check. It read: Donald J. Trump Town Hall In Norwalk, IA - With Special Guest.

Who did he think the special guest was going to be?

"Sarah Palin is who I was hoping," Sharpe said.

He said he wasn't frustrated that Palin wasn't there, "just disappointed."

"I would have loved to see Sarah Palin," Sharpe explained. "I think she is a dynamic speaker. She still holds some sway with the Tea Party, Republican Party. Just another person to listen to. She is quite a bit like Trump is. Say it like you mean it."

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Sharpe's 16-year-old daughter was also there knew exactly who Sarah Palin is and she had hoped to see her.

"It is a little disappointing that she wasn't here today but, you know, maybe another time," she said.

That sentiment was widespread among the crowd of about 300 Trump supporters, the majority of whom had expected to see Palin with Trump at the rally on the chilly Wednesday morning.

"I was disappointed, said Vanessa May, a likely caucus attendee from Des Moines. "She brings so much energy to an event. She is just a fun person."

Despite May's unmet expectations, she said she still plans to support Trump on caucus night. So will many others, including 23-year-old Austin Bayliss.

He said he was "surprised" that Palin was not there because "we were told she was going to be," but remains on team Trump.

Palin, for her part, said she was always supposed to go ahead to Trump's second stop of the day in Oklahoma.

Trading in the beautiful snow of Iowa for the red dirt of Oklahoma as planned, despite what the media is trying to spin up! Thank you Iowa - get out and caucus on February 1st!

Posted by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The campaign did say that even though Palin was not at the morning event she was still traveling with Trump on Wednesday. She is expected to meet up with the Trump campaign again in Tulsa, Oklahoma.