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Houston Police SWAT officer Daryl Hudeck carries Catherine Pham and her 13-month-old son Aiden after rescuing them from their home surrounded by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in Houston.

David J. Phillip / AP

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Hurricane Harvey: Trump meets with storm victims (Video)
President Donald Trump visited evacuees from Hurricane Harvey in Houston Saturday, promising financial aid to the region. But it may be a drop in the bucket compared with what Texas officials are requesting. David Begnaud reports. 

The wrath of Hurricane Harvey | Watch Video
Mark Strassmann reports from Texas on the damage left by Hurricane Harvey and the road to recovery.

 Best intentions: When disaster relief brings anything but relief | Watch Video
When natural or man-made disasters strike, well-meaning people often rush to send bottled water, household goods, clothing -- literally the shirts off their backs. But sometimes the vast amounts of good will that people send do more harm than good, clogging airport runways and causing unnecessary logistical hardships for relief workers. 

NPR's Scott Simon joins us for a look at disaster relief that might be no relief at all. (An earlier version of this story was originally broadcast on April 24, 2016.)

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Felt food items for sale at the 8 'Till Late pop-up art installation by British artist Lucy Sparrow.  CBS News

ART: Pop-up art exhibits you may have missed | Watch Video
This Summer saw some intriguing and even transient offerings in the art world. Lee Cowan reports.

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Movies of Summer | Watch Video
A rundown of the most popular films of the season.

Every employee at the Marvin Window and Door Company in the small town of Warroad, Minn., is treated as a friend and neighbor - because they are. CBS News

BUSINESS: A window company's clear vision | Watch Video
Every product at the Marvin Window and Door Company is made to order, and so is their creed: they treat every employee as if they were friends and neighbors -- because, in the tiny town of Warroad, Minnesota, they are.

Conor Knighton visits Warroad to find out what sets Marvin apart from many other firms, even when the company has faced difficult times.

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Debbie Harry of Blondie (right), with correspondent Tracy Smith. CBS News

MUSIC: The platinum brilliance of Debbie Harry | Watch Video
It's been more than 40 years since Blondie first appeared on the New York punk rock scene, but when she sings, it's the 1970s all over again. Tracy Smith reports.

GALLERY: Photos from the early years of Blondie

You can stream Blondie's latest album, "Pollinator," by clicking on the embed below (Free Spotify registration required to hear full tracks):

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Songs of Summer | Watch Video
A rundown of the most popular music of the season.

 Contagious yawning: Resistance is futile | Watch Video
A study finds subjects told to resist contagious yawning will be more likely to succumb. Lee Cowan reports. 

 When human nature surmounts Mother Nature (Video)
This past week we saw what trillions of gallons of water can cover when Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas. But more importantly, we saw what it can uncover, as volunteers helped rescue stranded neighbors, and thoughts of division were set aside in a collective effort that united a nation. Steve Hartman looks at how, when Mother Nature is at its worst, human nature is at its best.

In an interview with "Sunday Morning" the actor talks about his "SNL" spoofs of the president and his new autobiography, "Nevertheless." CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Alec Baldwin on politics, sobriety and playing Donald Trump | Watch Video
The 59-year-old Oscar-nominated actor has won two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes for "30 Rock." And with his gift for mimicry, Baldwin has made a huge impression with his appearances as President Trump on "Saturday Night Live." The biggest thing Baldwin learned from writing his new book, "Nevertheless," is that "the past is the past. … I'm truly going to bury my past with this book." And as he explains to correspondent Rita Braver, he's not afraid of making enemies with his writing, adding that, "I try to, you know, kiss and slap in equal measure!" (This story was originally broadcast on April 2, 2017.)

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Alec Baldwin: "I thought I was a genius" about substance abuse
The actor (who has just published a new memoir, "Nevertheless") opens up to "Sunday Morning" correspondent Rita Braver about his attitude in the 1980s when he abused drugs and alcohol until a near-fatal incident led to his sobriety at age 26.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Alec Baldwin on "Streetcar Named Desire"
In 1992 Alan Baldwin starred in a Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire," playing the volatile Stanley Kowalski. He tells "Sunday Morning" correspondent Rita Braver about the painful fallout from an on-stage injury, and the acting lessons he got from Broadway stagehands as a result.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Alec Baldwin on the paparazzi
Actor Alec Baldwin talks with Rita Braver about his run-ins with tabloid photographers, including his decision to "take the law into my own hands."

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 Harvey (Video)
"Sunday Morning" looks into the data from one of the most catastrophic and costly natural disasters in U.S. history. Lee Cowan reports. 

Power to the people: Founding the Black Panthers | Watch Video
Lee Cowan looks back at the Black Panther Party, started 50 years ago, and talks to one of its founders, Bobby Seale.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: The Black Panthers' fortified headquarters
Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, talks with Lee Cowan about the organization went about defending its Oakland headquarters after the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, called the Black Panthers a threat to America's internal security.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: The legacy of the Black Panthers
Bobby Seale, who co-founded the Black Panther Party 50 years ago, talks with correspondent Lee Cowan about what the organization accomplished.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: After the Black Panthers: The continuing revolution
Elaine Brown, former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, talks with correspondent Lee Cowan about an urban farm in Oakland, an off-shoot of the social programs the Panthers instituted 50 years ago - and for Brown, a symbol of the continuing struggle for social justice.

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Week of September 4 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Lee Cowan reports.

 Bison (Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning among the bison at the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana. Videographer: Derek Reich.



NATURE UP CLOSE: Dragonflies

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