Calendar: Week of September 4

Calendar: Week of Sept. 4

Here's a look at the week ahead on our "Sunday Morning" Calendar:

Monday is Labor Day, a celebration of working Americans, as well as the unofficial last day of summer.

On Tuesday, comic and actor Bob Newhart celebrates his 88th birthday.

Bob Newhart - Bus Driver Training by Dan Udey on YouTube

Wednesday is National Read a Book Day, an invitation to all of us to just curl up with a good book.

On Thursday, Britain's Prince George, just four years old (and third in line to the throne), sets off for his first day at a posh private school whose motto is: "Be Kind."

Friday is National Ampersand Day, when we're all encouraged to replace the word "and" with the ampersand (right there on the top of the "7" key).

And on Saturday, Britain's Manchester Arena officially re-opens, with a benefit concert to honor all those impacted by the May 22 terror attack.