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The legacy of Mark and Jan Lawrance's twin sons, Joe and Will, on display in the exhibition, "JoeWill: Better Together," at the Indy Art Center in Indianapolis.  CBS News

COVER STORY: Twin artists, and the healing power of art | Watch Video
Joe and Will Lawrance were identical twins who shared most everything, including an incredible gift for artistic expression. They also each suffered depression that led them to take their own lives. Now, their parents, Mark and Jan Lawrance, want their late sons to be remembered for their remarkable artwork (now on display at the Indy Art Center in Indianapolis), which they hope will give comfort and inspiration to others. Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or a suicidal crisis, you can reach the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988. You can also chat with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline here.

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ALMANAC: March 31 (Video)
"Sunday Morning" looks back at historical events on this date.

A thunderegg from central Oregon. Eibonvale Thunderegg Gallery

MINERALS: On the hunt for thundereggs (Video)
Millions of years ago, in what would one day become Eastern Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands, lava and water merged to create thundereggs – sphere-shaped rock formations containing agate, jasper or opal. Correspondent Conor Knighton digs into the history of Oregon's state rock, whose beauty is most apparent when sliced open.

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Actress Rebel Wilson with correspondent Lee Cowan.  CBS News

BOOKS: Rebel Wilson on the sobering secrets revealed in her memoir, "Rebel Rising" | Watch Video
The Australian actress made a big impression in the films "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect," but Rebel Wilson says she also faced emotional pain, professional obstacles and tabloid battles. She talks with correspondent Lee Cowan about her frank and funny new memoir, "Rebel Rising," and describes her relationship with her real-life "Disney Princess."

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The cast of the new Broadway musical "Suffs," which recounts the struggle of suffragists to gain women the right to vote.  CBS News

BROADWAY: Hillary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai on producing Broadway musical "Suffs" | Watch Video
"Suffs" (short for suffragists) is a new Broadway musical about women's fight more than a century ago for a "radical" idea: the right to vote. Correspondent Martha Teichner talks with two of the show's producers, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, about the importance of art to spread a political message. She also talks with cast members, including the show's writer and star Shaina Taub, who says "Suffs" has a timely message: "Every generation has to fight to protect these rights and freedoms again and again and again."

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PASSAGE: Remembering Louis Gossett Jr. (Video)
Jane Pauley looks back at the career of Louis Gossett, Jr., whose acclaimed performances included the TV series "Roots," and the film "An Officer and the Gentleman," for which he became the first African American actor to win a best supporting actor Oscar.       

From the archives: Richard Serra's towering steel art 08:43

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Richard Serra's towering steel art (Video)
Artist and sculptor Richard Serra, famed for making large-scale artworks from giant curved walls of steel, died Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at the age of 85. In this "Sunday Morning" report originally broadcast December 6, 1998, correspondent Martha Teichner talked with the artist about the disorienting effects of his massive constructions, and toured exhibits of Serra's "Torqued Ellipses" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and "The Snake" at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

From the archives: Louis Gossett Jr. 07:12

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Louis Gossett Jr. (Video)
Louis Gossett Jr., who won an Emmy Award for "Roots," and became the first African American to win a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance in "An Officer and a Gentleman," died Thursday, March 28, 2024, at the age of 87. In this conversation with CBS News' Michelle Miller (originally broadcast on "Sunday Morning" July 19, 2020), Gossett talked about his long career, and said the greatest advice he could give wasn't about acting - it was about understanding.

Martha Stewart offers advice to indoor gardeners, whether your thumbs are green or magenta.  CBS News

GARDENING: Martha Stewart on keeping houseplants (Video)
The lifestyle entrepreneur and host of "Martha Gardens" offers advice on how to bring beauty into your home with potted plants, and how to keep them looking their best.

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  • "Martha Stewart Gardening" is available on newsstands and via online retailers
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  • Read more of Martha's tips on houseplants at
Oscar-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas. CBS News

TV: Michael Douglas on "Franklin," and his own inspiring third act | Watch Video
He was the son of actors, but Michael Douglas says he was reluctant to follow in the deep footsteps of his father, Kirk Douglas. But as an Oscar-winning producer and performer, Michael has earned his own legendary status. He now stars as the revolutionary figure Benjamin Franklin in the Apple TV+ series "Franklin." He tells correspondent Mo Rocca that the show's story, about the founding father's efforts to save a burgeoning democracy, is timely given today's dangerous political climate.

To watch a trailer for "Franklin" click on the video player below:

Franklin — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ by Apple TV on YouTube

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  • The series "Franklin" debuts on Apple TV+ April 12

COMMENTARY: Building healthier habitats to resist the impacts of climate change (Video)
Scientists have prescribed practical steps to heal our warming planet, including returning our towns back to a more natural state. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti explains how taking steps to mitigate the effects of climate change can save us from the trauma of disasters brought about by extreme weather.   

Pete Townshend, of The Who.  CBS News

BROADWAY: Pete Townshend on the return of "Tommy" to Broadway | Watch Video
The rock opera "Tommy" was one of The Who's biggest hits, and won five Tony Awards when it was translated to Broadway three decades ago. Now it's back, in a version that Pete Townshend and director Des McAnuff say is more relevant than ever. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Townshend, who describes the personal price he's paid for every iteration of "Tommy"; and with the star and creative team who discuss turning the story of a pinball wizard into Broadway magic. 

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COMMENTARY: Wilton Cardinal Gregory with a prayer for peace at Easter time (Video)
As we enter the season of spring, and a significant time for many faiths, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., offers his thoughts on unity, and a wish for long-lasting peace in every part of the world.

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Thanks for the memories, Mary Lou! CBS News

MILEPOST: Farewell, Mary Lou Teel (Video)
Forty-five years ago, producer Mary Lou Teel walked in the door at CBS News, and set off on a long and accomplished journey. Without question Mary Lou is part of our "Sunday Morning" DNA, which is why her retirement is so bittersweet.      

NATURE: Bunnies in Pennsylvania (Extended Video)
We leave you this Easter Sunday on the bunny trail near Lake Pleasant in Northwest Pennsylvania.


From the "Sunday Morning" archives: Writers on writing IV by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Writers on writing IV (YouTube Video)
Enjoy a look back at "Sunday Morning" conversations with some of the most celebrated writers of our time. Featured: From 1994, Patrick O'Brian talks with David Culhane about his series of Napoleonic-era naval adventures featuring Captain Jack Aubrey; from 1997, "The Color Purple" author Alice Walker talks about literature and activism with Jerry Bowen; from 1979, William Styron discusses the writing of "Sophie's Choice" with Heywood Hale Broun; from 1995, Barbara Kingsolver talks about her novels, and her collection of essays, "High Tide In Tucson," with Anthony Mason; from 1990, Bill Geist joins counter-culture author Ken Kesey and some Merry Pranksters aboard a replica of the celebrated "magic bus" of the 1960s; and from 2010, Serena Altschul visits fantasy and comic author Neil Gaiman for a conversation about his novel "Coraline," recently made into an Oscar-nominated animated film.

Extended interview: Steve Martin & director Morgan Neville by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Steve Martin and director Morgan Neville (YouTube Video)
Comedian Steve Martin's career has spanned standup, TV, albums, movies, novels, music, plays – and now, a documentary film, "STEVE (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces." In this extended interview, correspondent Tracy Smith sat down with Martin and the film's director, Morgan Neville, to talk about what Martin learned doing standup, and what his father thought about his line of work; making a documentary and the difficulties of looking back on one's career; and how Martin's current live shows with Martin Short continue to evolve.    

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