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This Morning from CBS News, July 27, 2016


Four years ago, former President Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic convention and famously pitched Barack Obama's first term, acting as what Mr. Obama later called his "secretary of explaining stuff." Last night, Mr. Clinton had a different role to play: humanizer-in-chief for his wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Salutation Question

If Hillary Clinton is elected, what would her husband be called? The U.S. has had dozens of first ladies, but how would the male spouse of a U.S. president be addressed?

Growing Danger

There have been at least 12 major terror attacks in Europe in less than 2 years, as France reels from yesterday's brutal murder of a priest. Here's more about the young men who committed this most recent act of violence in the name of ISIS.

Opposite Effect

Consumer Reports finds certain ingredients in dietary supplements sold around the country can carry major health risks. We take a look at the dangers of a virtually unregulated, yet growing industry purporting to make people healthier.

Move On?

The term "Rust Belt" is ubiquitous around election season, evoking a region of the U.S. as economically beaten down as it is politically vital. As labels go, it's also derisive and simplistic, failing to capture the complex socioeconomic realities of a major part of the country. Is it time for politicians and pundits retire the phrase?

Growth Sparkers

With U.S. gas prices still low, car buyers have largely steered clear of electric vehicles this year. Yet a raft of new of models and a federal initiative aimed at speeding the construction of a national battery charging network are expected to hike interest in the segment. We look at why the electric car market may be set to take off.

Crystal Balls

It's one of greatest threats a comfortable retirement: living to a ripe old age. As actuaries can attest, predicting a person's lifespan is hard, and that can make it easy to outlive your savings. The solution? Work to build sources of income that will last the rest of your life.

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