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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 30, 2015

Deadly floods

Torrential downpours have swollen rivers in Illinois and Missouri, prompting mandatory evacuation orders. Flooding is blamed for at least 13 deaths in Missouri already, and the Mighty Mississippi river could swell to 14 feet above flood level in St. Louis. The deluge could affect 18 million people, from Illinois to Louisiana.

Fact check

In the rough and tumble world of politics, truth is often the first virtue to be sacrificed -- but this year was something special. Fact checkers say one candidate has already achieved truth-bending royalty status, and we haven't even made it to the primaries yet.

NSA taps

A major newspaper reports the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders may also have swept up private conversations involving members of Congress.

Interest rates

Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, citing an improving U.S. economy. The move will have an impact on many Americans in the coming year, so we look at how you can expect to feel the shift in monetary policy.

Black churches

A fifth of the nation's religious congregations are predominantly black, yet they account for the majority of bankruptcies among U.S. churches, according to new research. The author of the study says the outsized proportion of reorganizations could be because black churches are getting an unfair deal.

Inside North Korea

CBS News' Seth Doane reflects on his visit this year to the secretive "Hermit Kingdom," and says reporting from -- or trying to report from -- North Korea is in equal parts fascinating, and frustrating. He and his team were bused around like tourists, but managed to catch a rare glimpse of reality in the land of show.

New year, new apps

Whether your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, get fit, pay off debt, or just be more grateful for the life you've got, there's an app to help you achieve it. Check out some of the options that could offer just the motivational boost you need to achieve your goals.

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