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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 22, 2015

Follow The Money
One of the major fronts in the U.S. battle against ISIS next year will be financial -- attempting to cut off the huge influx of revenue that helps keep ISIS solvent. "This is the best-funded terrorist group in modern history," says CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate.

The terror group Boko Haram has captured hundreds of girls in Nigeria and elsewhere, and many are stigmatized by their communities if they are raped by their captors and become pregnant.

On The Record
Muslims from all different ethnic backgrounds discuss what it's like being a Muslim in America with Islamophobia spreading.

Filling Gaps
Replacing some 18,000 airline pilots who will reach the mandatory retirement age over the next seven years is a huge an increasingly expensive challenge for airlines, and JetBlue is exploring one solution. But it's controversial.

Rushing It
Amazon is offering a new last-minute holiday shopping option: Amazon Prime customers in several cities can get orders delivered within hours. "CBS This Morning" was given an exclusive look at how Amazon does it.

Mid-April Beckons
Along with holiday cheer, the end of the year also means getting your books in order for the 2016 tax season. We look at some year-end financial moves that can save you money when tax day comes.

Working Late
Plan to continue working after you retire? As people get older, that can be easier said than done. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind for your post-retirement career.

Laying It Out?
Colton Harris-Moore, the Washington state teenager who gained international notoriety as the "Barefoot Bandit," appears to have resurfaced with a website and blog delving into, among other things, his dislike of the media and reasons for stealing planes.

Even Greener
Iceland already runs on 100 percent renewable energy, but scientists there are ready to tap into a new natural resource to create even more green power.

El Gordo
Most countries have their Christmas rituals, but in Spain, it's all about whether Christmas will change your luck, as it stages the world's richest lottery each year.

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