This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 29, 2014

Syrian refugee children stand in front of their family residence at Azraq refugee camp near Al Azraq, east of Amman, Jordan, on August 19, 2014


ISIS calling

There are as many as 3,000 westerners fighting alongside the militant group ISIS and other jihadist organizations in Syria and Iraq. Analysts say those fighters pose the greatest threat to the United States because they can travel freely back here. CBS News' Julianna Goldman reports many have been recruited through a powerful online media campaign.

Humanitarian factor

The political and security considerations in Syria are complex and troubling enough for the U.S. But as the administration weighs its options, it must also consider the devastatingly bleak humanitarian crisis in Syria. Improving security in Syria goes "hand in hand" with improving the living conditions there.

Armed convoys

Satellite photos shows Russian military equipment traveling to Ukraine. CBS News' David Martin reports Russia has opened a second front in Ukraine. It is not just equipment supplied to the rebels -- Russian forces are involved, as well, NATO says.

Lunar XPrize

As international teams compete for Google's lunar XPrize, the German team begins testing a simulated lunar surface. Part of the competition is not just to land on the moon, but also to travel at least 500 meters while streaming back HD video. The environment presents major challenges. Surface temperatures range from just -412 F to 212 F. Then of course there's the complete vacuum, the solar radiation, and, perhaps worst of all, the dust.

Home work

Working from home has its challenges, and requires an entirely different type of discipline. Here are five basic "don'ts" of home office life.

College money

Before you send your kid off to college, here are the five things all college students should know about money and how to hang onto it.

School daze

With summer winding down and the school year kicking into high gear, parents all over the country are struggling to get their kids back on a regular bedtime schedule. A pediatric sleep expert offers some advice to help children re-adjust their sleep patterns so they can rise and shine at school.

Tech chic

Ralph Lauren practically invented the classic, preppy chic look. Now, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports, it's the first luxury fashion line to incorporate wearable technology with a shirt that senses heart rate, stress levels, calories burned and more.

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