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No charges in fatal gun range shooting involving 9-year-old

Law enforcement officials in Arizona say no criminal charges will be filed in connection with the death of a firearms instructor who was fatally shot by a 9-year-old girl he was teaching to use an automatic weapon.

"Based on the video, the sheriff's office has determined no charges are pending," the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said in a statement, according to Reuters.

The sheriff's office said the shooting at the Bullets and Burgers gun range in Dolan Springs is "being viewed as an industrial accident."

On a video released by the sheriff's office, Charles Vacca, 39, can be seen instructing the girl on how to use the Uzi, telling her how to aim and shoot.

But on her last shot, the recoil sent the gun pointing into the air, and Vacca was struck in the head, the sheriff's office said. That section of the video was not released to the public.

Was shooting instructor killed by 9-year-old following protocol?

The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health is also investigating the incident.

A local man, Lance Krig, filed a lawsuit against Bullets and Burgers in 2012 over the gunfire noise, CBS affiliate KLAS in Las Vegas reported.

Krig told the station he had concerns about safety as well.

"I stated on the record before the court, I said, 'Somebody is going to get killed up there,'" Krig said.

The gun range operator declined comment and the lawyer who represented Bullets and Burgers in Krig's suit could not be reached, KLAS said.

Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Healths are conducting their own investigation into the shooting, but details cannot be released due to state law.