Romney family awaits election returns

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney surrounded by his family points towards supporters at the Romney for President New Hampshire primary night victory party at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012.
AP Photo/Elise Amendola

While her husband makes his final campaign appearances of the 2012 election, Ann Romney is hanging back in Massachusetts awaiting his return.

An aide to Mrs. Romney says that she is spending quality time today with most of her children and grandchildren. She and Romney voted in Belmont, Mass., this morning, before he set out for last-minute campaign pops into Ohio and Pennsylvania, with son Tagg and grandson Joe tagging along. The rest of the Romney's four sons, their wives, and 17 children, are with Ann Romney, who is known as "Mamie" to her brood.

Ben Romney, the Romney's fourth son, swung by the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where his father will deliver his closing remarks tonight, with his daughter, Soleil, 3, earlier in the day. Soleil was taken by all of the photographs decorating the venue, and was particularly fixated on one from the Republican convention showing all of the grandchildren playing with the balloons on the final night.

The last time that the entire family - all five sons and 18 grandchildren - were all assembled was this past Friday night in West Chester, Ohio. Dozens of prominent Republican politicians and leaders were also on hand, leading to some lighter moments backstage.

Miles Romney, 4, lit up when meeting Texas Gov. Rick Perry - once on of his grandfather's most formidable primary opponents. "Are you really Rick Perry?" He asked in awe, says a staffer who was there. Perry responded by scooping him up and chatting about what an exciting time this was for their family. At one point, Perry was drawn to another conversation, and Miles, paying no mind, played with the zipper on the governor's jacket until his attention was restored.

(Miles is no stranger to striking up high profile conversations. Joining his family on stage after one of the presidential debates, he asked President Obama how old he was.)

Sarah Haley, Mrs. Romney's press secretary, told CBS News that everyone is "very very excited for tonight." Haley elaborated, "It's a special time in their lives. They feel blessed and humbled to have this opportunity at this moment in our nation."

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