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Oscars 2014: Take our Best Supporting Actress poll

The race is heating up for the 2014 Academy Awards, which features a mix of veteran and newcomers in the mix.

Check out CBS News' interviews and profiles of the stars up for best supporting actress, and then vote in our poll below for whom you think should take home the Oscar. This category is particularly tight one this year -- and at this point could go to any of the contenders.

The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 2 in Los Angeles.

Lupita Nyongo, "12 Years a Slave"

Lupita Nyong'o in "12 Years a Slave"

Lupita Nyong'o got the part of Patsey in Steve McQueen's critically-acclaimed film "12 Years a Slave" just after graduating from Yale Drama School.

"My manager got the script for another client of hers...and she thought I'd be good for the role," she told CBS News. "So I put myself on tape in New York and I auditioned for the casting director...and finally I was invited down to Louisiana to work with Steve."

"It was tough to be in Patsy's spirit but at the same time it was a privilege -- a woman that had light in her despite the darkness that surround her," she added about her character in the film.

Sally Hawkins, "Blue Jasmine"

Actress Sally Hawkins stars in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine." Getty Images

English actress Sally Hawkins is in the running for her performance in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine," which co-stars Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Andrew Dice Clay.

Hawkins didn't expect to get a nod, telling Entertainment Weekly, "I know that Woody himself won't be at the Oscars, but I’m so pleased that his screenplay has been nominated. I have already struck gold by the fact that I got the job and by who I got to work with."

Hawkins' co-stars feel the same way. Blanchett, who's up for the best actress honor this year, told CBS News, "Oh, they were a gift. Sally Hawkins is a gift, we play sisters in the film. She was so generous and inventive. She's been in so many Mike Leigh films. She's great at improvising and thinking on her feet. And Bobby Cannavale and Alec Peter Sarsgaard, who've all done a lot of theater."

June Squibb, "Nebraska"

June Squibb: A star 60 years in the making

June Squibb has created a lot of awards buzz with her performance in the movie "Nebraska." So will it be her name we hear when they ask for "The envelope, please..." for best supporting actress? 

June Squibb isn't used to all the attention.

But is there, CBS News' Mo Rocca asked the star of "Nebraska," "at least a small part of you that's thinking, 'It's about time'?"

"Sure, sure there are. I mean, you know, I've been doing this for so many years."

After a more than 60-year career, the 84-year-old actress has been discovered. She plays Kate Grant, whose aging husband Woody (played by Bruce Dern) is convinced he's won a sweepstakes. 

When Rocca asked Squibb to describe her character, she said, "Well, she has no filter. Absolutely whatever she thinks comes out of her mouth." Also, "She still thinks of herself as a sexy broad, even at the age she is."

Julia Roberts, "August: Osage County"

Julia Roberts on "August: Osage County"

Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep bring mother-daughter drama to the big screen in "August: Osage County." Roberts plays Barbara, whose marriage is falling apart as she returns home for her father's funeral.

"It was proposed to me as Meryl Streep would play Violet. Well I'm no fool," Roberts told CBS News about taking on the role after hearing that Streep had been cast.

"It was terrifying the thought of it and in the end, I think she is a very down-to-earth, very kind person who works very hard," Roberts said of Streep.

Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle"

Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence) in the Rosenfeld home in Columbia Pictures' "American Hustle." Francois Duhamel

Last year's best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence is in the running for best supporting actress for the 2014 Academy Awards. She once again teamed with David O. Russell, the director of the Oscar-winning film "Silver Linings Playbook," also starring Lawrence.

When looking back on her 2013 Academy Awards acceptance speech, Lawrence told Deadline, "I think it's really unfair to make a person speak in front of the entire world at a moment like that because it is just so overwhelming."

Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper do the "American Hustle"

She added, "It was terrifying and what I regret now is not doing what you’re supposed to, which is even having a few words, something, that you can say, or even some idea if they do call your name. Every time my mind when there, I would feel so much anxiety that I couldn’t think about it. Then when they called me, I got up on stage and said happy birthday to Emmanuelle Riva from 'Amour,' and then I walked off without even thanking David, or Harvey Weinstein."

In '70s-era "American Hustle," Lawrence portrays the unpredictable wife of Christian Bale's con-man character. The film also stars Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams.

Oscars 2014: Best Supporting Actress

Who is your choice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress?