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Olympic torches go up for sale on eBay

Georgina Geikie carries the Olympic Torch through the village of Okehampton, England, as crowds gather to watch on May 21, 2012. AP/LOCOG

(CBS/AP) LONDON - Although the Olympic flame's journey across Britain only began Saturday, a number of torchbearers who helped carry the Olympic flame ahead of the London 2012 games have put their torches up for sale on eBay.

One torch reportedly sold for more than 150,000 pounds ($240,000), with proceeds going to charity.

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Others torches are listed for less. Some of the sellers said on eBay they will donate the proceeds to charity.

As of Monday afternoon, one torch is currently listed at $6,700 with three bids, while another has 13 bids and is currently listed at 6,200 pounds (about $9,800) - that seller is also including an official uniform with the torch. A third has zero bids on a starting price of 100,000 pounds ($158,060).

According to Bloomberg, each runner can buy his or her own torch for the relay. The flame arrived in the U.K. from Greece on May 18, and will be carried by 8,000 people before reaching the Olympic Stadium on July 27 for the games' opening ceremonies.

"The torches are the torchbearers' to do what they want with," London games organizers said Monday in an e-mailed statement, Bloomberg reports. "We hope they find a good home."

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