​Netanyahu's actions further strain U.S.-Israel relations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reelection will likely bring new tension between Israel and the U.S.
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ISRAEL -- As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave thanks at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall Wednesday, critics say his come from behind election win was mostly about fear. One ad showed Islamic militants heading for Israel, saying it's Netanyahu or them.

In the divisive campaign, Netanyahu also reversed his support for a separate Palestinian state, which is central to U.S. efforts to re-launch peace talks.

Israeli columnist Gideon Levy CBS News

"It is a moment of truth for Israel," said Israeli columnist Gideon Levy. "It is a moment of truth for the American administration. Now let's see what is the alternative to the two-state solution which is apparently dead."

Netanyahu's about-face won't help already strained relations during President Obama's final two years in office.

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"I think those will be tough two years for Mr. Netanyahu because he went too far in his relations with Mr. Obama," said Levy. "I don't think Mr. Obama is going to forgive or to forget."

The president won't soon forget Netanyahu's speech to Congress attacking the U.S. negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. A speech made without consulting Obama.

Israel is not a party to the Iran talks, where the outline of a deal is expected next week. If that is achieved, it could prompt Netanyahu to ramp up his criticism of President Obama and add to their already bad blood.