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Mike Pence releases doctor's note on medical records

Just days after Donald Trump publicized more information about his health in a one-page letter from his doctor, his Republican running mate, Mike Pence, released on Saturday his own physician’s note summarizing his medical records.

The two-page letter, from Dr. Michael Busk of Indianapolis, details Pence’s overall health, deeming him “in excellent general and cardiovascular health.”

“You maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease through your lifestyle and by practicing adult preventative health care guidelines,” wrote Busk, who has served as Pence’s physician since 2013. “You are medically able to maintain your high level of professional work and your physical activity programs without limitations.”

Busk noted that the 57-year-old Pence has “never smoked cigarettes” and does not drink alcohol. The only medication Pence takes is Claritin for allergies. The letter outlined his exercise regiment as “cardiovascular training 4 days per week,” with bicycling being Pence’s main form of exercise. Busk said of the Indiana governor, “[y]ou also extensively walk and climb stairs.”

Pence has a past medical history of “seasonal allergic rhinitis, asymptomatic left bundle branch block and diet controlled heartburn,” according to Busk. The vice presidential nominee also underwent surgery for a hernia repair last August and had basal cell carcinomas removed from his face in 2002 and 2010.

When it comes to Pence’s heart health, Busk said that Pence has “a very good and strong heart,” with multiple tests showing that “all the heart chambers and heart valves were normal.” Evaluations also showed that Pence “demonstrated a benign right renal [kidney] cyst.”

The letter gave a summary of other health details, including Pence’s height (5’10”) and weight (208 pounds), his blood pressure (116/81) and total cholesterol (216).

Busk, who works at Indianapolis’ St. Vincent Health, Wellness and Preventative Care Institute and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, performed Pence’s most recent physical examination on July 6.

“Your general physical and mental health examination was normal,” Busk said.

After Hillary Clinton’s recent bout of pneumonia, the issue of presidential health conditions has stayed in the spotlight in recent weeks. Earlier this week, Trump released more of his medical information during a taping of daytime television’s “Dr. Oz Show.”

Pence has said both Trump and Clinton should do a full release of their health records, saying that the American public has “a right to know.”

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