Actor Michael Weatherly talks Season 2 of "Bull," new focus on character's flaws

Actor Michael Weatherly on "Bull"

Actor Michael Weatherly made a name for himself as special agent Anthony DiNozzo on the hit CBS drama "NCIS." Now, the actor stars as psychologist Dr. Jason Bull on the CBS series, "Bull." Weatherly's character runs a consulting firm that fuses psychology and technology to make the perfect jury selections.

Weatherly joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss how his character has changed in the new season.  

The show underwent a regime change ahead of Season 2, bringing in Glenn Gordon Caron as showrunner. He sought to shake up Weatherly's character.

Michael Weatherly on last "NCIS" episode

"He said Bull's too perfect, he's bulletproof," Weatherly said of Caron's approach. "We gotta break him up and make him flawed and vulnerable and porous."

The change has been exciting for Weatherly, who said, "That's just been a blast because I don't know what's going to happen page to page."

"He has a hard time sleeping in bed. So he sleeps on his couch quite a bit and usually there's a bottle of something next to him when he wakes up," the actor said. "He's got some self-destructive tendencies."

"Bull" is based on TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil, who had an earlier career as a jury consultant.

"Every week, Phil's involved episode to episode and is working closely with Glenn Caron on sort of the worlds that you get involved in. You know, when you're trying to do jury analysis, that's one thing of the show that we concentrated on a lot but now what we're concentrating on is the character of Bull and how he is held together with duct tape, basically," Weatherly said.  

Season 2 of "Bull" premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on CBS and on CBS All Access.