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Lindsay Lohan loses "Grand Theft Auto V" lawsuit

ALBANY, N.Y. — It looks like it's "Game Over" for actress Lindsay Lohan after she lost her state court fight against a software company for using what she claims is a likeness of her in a video game. The actress claims that the character Lacey Jonas in "Grand Theft Auto V" is based on her.

Lohan's lawyer argued before New York's top court that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. violated her right to privacy by incorporating "look-a-like" images of her in the game. In "Grand Theft Auto V," Lacey Jonas is a troubled young Hollywood actress.

In October 2014, Lohan's legal team added dozens of images to its complaint showing real-world photos of Lohan that she believes Rockstar used for reference to create the character. 

But the state Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the satirical representations of "a modern, beach-going" young woman are not identifiable as Lohan. The court affirmed a ruling from a lower state appeals court dismissing her lawsuit.

Similar claims against Take-Two by "Mob Wives" television star Karen Gravano also were dismissed in a separate ruling.

A message left with Lohan's lawyer wasn't immediately returned.