Jim Gaffigan on the need for a good nap

Nap time: Jim Gaffigan on the need for snooze
Nap time: Jim Gaffigan on the need for snooze... 01:47

Staying awake is overrated, or so says our Jim Gaffigan:

I love napping, okay? That's right. I'm not a preschooler or in my eighties, but I love a good nap.  On a daily basis. 

I've had many two-nap days, and those were glorious!

A nap is one of the first things I think about when I wake up.  It goes, "Where's coffee?" then "When can I go back into that nice bed? 

A nap is what I worry about when I can't fall asleep at night. As I toss and turn, all I can think is, This is going to mess up tomorrow's nap timing."

I used to be embarrassed by my daily nap habit. I'd try to hide it or justify it: "See, as a stand-up comedian it's necessary to peak late at night, so I need to nap during the day." Granted most the people in the audience at my shows don't get to nap, and they seem fine!

Eventually I realized I just need a nap, or, well, I behave like a cranky toddler that has missed his nap. My heroic wife understands this. Sometimes she'll bring up my nap like it's anti-psychotic drug I take.  "Did you get your nap today?" or "After this maybe you should go and nap."

I've politely asked her to not bring up my nap in front of people I respect.

I guess I'm afraid people will think I'm lazy for disappearing and sleeping halfway through the day. Maybe there's an explanation; maybe I need a nap because I'm from Spain. You see, I'm just having a siesta

I knew there was a reason why I like Churros!

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