Jim Gaffigan on that topic he can't talk about

Jim Gaffigan on why he can't talk about THAT topic
Jim Gaffigan on why he can't talk about THAT ... 02:02

Even more than usual, the news out of Washington this past week seemed to be all about one topic -- which leaves our Jim Gaffigan struggling for words: 

I recently had a horrible realization: I only have two types of conversations with people these days. It doesn't matter if I'm talking to my wife, our UPS guy Keith (Hey, Keith!), or any of the innumerable strangers I sit next to on airplanes.

I talk about that topic.  (You know the topic I'm talking about. You don't? Well, it's not the other topic. As a man, I don't feel comfortable talking about the other topic. As a guy I feel I should have a listening-and-learning role on the other topic.) 

You know that topic - the one you watch "Sunday Morning" to avoid, but which we can't always entirely escape? CBS News

I'm talking about that topic -- which kind of has to do with the other topic. 

If you're still not following me, just think about what you mostly read about on the internet, talk to your friends about, and what the news is usually all about.  

Yes! "THAT topic"!

It's actually probably why you are watching CBS' "Sunday Morning"! Sure, "Sunday Morning" has been a great show for some 40 years, but I'm guessing some of you are watching so you can take a break from thinking about ... that topic.

I'm sure half the audience at my standup shows comes to see me because I don't talk about that topic.  

I've seen comedian friends talk about that topic at shows, and witnessed audience members with pro- and against- views towards that topic begin to stare at the ceiling. 

It's confusing and exhausting talking about that topic, right?  Heck, it's confusing and exhausting trying to NOT talk about that topic! 

Am I being complicit if don't talk about that topic?  Is talking about that topic helping, or just normalizing, that topic? 

Anyway, we can talk about this later on …

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