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Getting More Out of the Retail Channel | BTalk


Garry Browne
(Episode 773: 11 minutes 39) Listen on iTunes.
We still buy the vast majority of our goods through retail stores. So, important though it is to have an effective online strategy, what you do in-store is key.

Garry Browne is the CEO of Stuart Alexander, which represents and distributes a number of established brands, including Werther's Original, Tabasco Sauce, Fisherman's Friend and Guylian chocolates. All these brands are sold almost entirely through retail outlets.

So how do you ensure the retail channel creates interest that results in demand? In this episode of BTalk he talks through four key factors to consider:

  • brand positioning
  • point of sale
  • in-store sampling
  • experiential sampling
Most of this will not be new to you, but perhaps this conversation will encourage you to ensure you're putting a bit more focus back into the tried-and-tested ways of marketing through retail channels. With retail sales flat at the moment, it's more important than ever that you do everything you can to maintain sales or gain some ground on your competitors.

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