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Get Your Government Grants Here | BTalk Australia


Tom Ventura
(Episode 318; 8 minutes 54) Believe it or not, there are several hundred grants available from various government departments, covering everything from arts to the environment, from exports to innovation. Many businesses are unaware of what they can claim for, or fail to obtain their full entitlement.

For a lot of people, of course, the idea of dealing with a government department to obtain their entitlements sounds time consuming and counterproductive.

On today's BTalk Australia Phil Dobbie asks Bruce Patten from The Pattens Group about the sorts of grants that are available and how you get them. Bruce says most businesses should be eligible for a grant of some sort - the question is, which one?

Do you have an experience of obtaining a government grant? How did it work for you? Leave your comments in the Talkback section at the end of this post.

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