Five Men Spotted in a Supermarket | BTalk

Last Updated Sep 7, 2010 7:54 PM EDT


Gary Mortimer
(Episode 574; 12 minutes 38) Here's a startling piece of news --- men do go shopping in supermarkets. Some of these are married men doing the big weekly shop for the family. I do it myself, often with the two kids in the trolley. I actually enjoy it.

Dr Gary Mortimer from Queensland University of Technology says I'm not alone; this is a growing trend that marketers need to be aware of. He reckons supermarkets are still focusing too much on women.

Based on a study of 280 people he has profiled five types of male grocery shoppers:

  • Mr Budget Conscious
  • Mr Convenience
  • Mr Egocentric Shopper
  • Mr Equitable Shopper
  • Mr Controlled Shopper
Click on the player above to hear a description of each. I wonder whether there's an opportunity for local stores to pick up on some of this market, particularly for the convenience shopper who is less focused on price.