First memorial service scheduled for Colo. victim

Gordon Cowden, 51, was one of the 12 fatal victims of the Aurora, Colo., shooter.
Gordon Cowden, 51, was one of the 12 fatal victims of the Aurora, Colo., shooter.
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(CBS News) AURORA, Colo. -- The first memorial service stemming from the Colorado movie theater massacre is scheduled for Wednesday.

Family and friends will remember Gordon Cowden, a 51-year-old father of two who was one of the 12 people shot dead Friday in Aurora.

A judge has barred cameras from the courtroom next Monday, when alleged gunman James Holmes will be formally charged.

Investigators are still gathering evidence against Holmes, 24.

Crews have been setting up a chain link fence around the theater.

Prosecutors got a chance to look inside Tuesday, and left after spending more than an hour inside, seeking to build their case.

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The team also combed through Holmes' 800 square foot apartment.

Authorities were expected to return the building to its owners this week, but there's no word yet on when that will happen.

Lawyers for Holmes are supposed to search the building soon.

As investigators look for any possible motive, survivors are offering new detailsabout that terrifying night.

"I'm hearing him yell at people, and then you just hear the rounds going off - just boom, boom, boom," says Stephanie Davies, who saved her friend, Allie Young, from bleeding to death.

Off-camera, she told reporters Holmes would shout, "What are you doing? I said stand up!" And he would pick people up, she said. As she put it, "I saw him stand over someone. I just see hair and him holding the shirt -- and boom."

Weeks before the shooting, Holmes failed part of his first year exam at the University of Colorado and dropped out.

He had been living on more than $26,000 in government and school grants, though it's not clear whether he used any of that money to fund his purchases of guns and ammunition.

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University of Colorado - Denver Graduate School Dean Barry Shur pointed out, "That's the national standard for supplying living stipends to Ph.D. students so they could devote 100 percent of their effort to their research."

At an Aurora hospital where victims are recovering, the actor who played Batman, Christian Bale, made a surprise visitTuesday.

The star met with hospital staff and the survivors who were watching a midnight showing on opening night of his movie, "The Dark Knight Rises" when the shooting began.

Afterwards, Bale and his wife took time to place flowers at a nearby memorial for those killed.

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