Witnesses: Colo. gunman shouted during rampage

(CBS News) AURORA, Colo. - We've learned something new Tuesday about what was happening inside the theater during Friday's massacre in Aurora, Colorado: Two women who were wounded say the gunman was shouting at his victims.

Witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he repeatedly fired into the audience. But from the hospital, survivors Alee Young, who was shot in the neck, and Stephanie Davies, who kept her friend from bleeding to death, remember it differently.

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"I see him up there," said Davies, "and I'm hearing him yell at people, and then you just hear the rounds going off: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Off-camera, Davies told reporters, "He would shout, 'What are you doing? I said stand up!' And he would pick people up. I saw him stand over someone. I just see hair and him holding the shirt and -- boom."

"It's sad for me to know that people go through so much in their life," said Young, "that they would want to hurt, to massacre people. I feel so sorry for him, I feel so sorry."

Investigators, including the lead prosecutor Karen Pearson, scoured the apartment of lone suspect James Holmes on Tuesday. They were also combing through the theater crime scene.

One major clue as to what triggered Holmes alleged actions could be his academic failure at the University of Colorado's Denver medical campus, where he was part of an elite program in neuroscience. He had just flunked part of his first-year examination and had begun the process of withdrawing.

The university campus remains on a heightened state of alert with barricades around some of the campus research buildings where Holmes might have studied.

And officials are being tight-lipped about the time Holmes spent here, including the fact that some of the ammunition he bought online may have been delivered to him at the university.

The public defenders get their chance at the crime scene later this week. They will bring their own forensic experts to see if they could find any discrepancies in the prosecution's case. As far as what investigators have found on Holmes' computer, sources told CBS News that the investigators have been going through the computer hard drive since Monday and so far nothing they have found from the hard drive, nor from the witnesses, has led them to change what they believe was the original scenario. That said, they have not yet found anything that explains motive.