Face in the News:Trump and Carson discuss Gun Control, Race for Speaker of the House


During an interview for "Face the Nation" Donald Trump tells John Dickerson he'd "be okay" with Rep. Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House.

CBS News

By Tim Perry

WASHINGTON (CBS News) - This Sunday, the top two candidates in the Republican party--Donald Trump and Ben Carson - appeared on "Face the Nation" to weigh in on gun control, Paul Ryan's potential bid to become the next Speaker of the House, and the brand new CBS News polling numbers on the state of the 2016 presidential race.

At the top of Sunday's broadcast, Donald Trump discussed that he has a concealed weapons permit. When "Face the Nation," host John Dickerson asked him why he explained, "Because I like to have myself protected."

"I feel much better being armed," Trump said, adding that he "sometimes" carries a gun.

Our conversation with the Republican frontrunner made headlines on CNN, Business Insider, Yahoo Politics, Bloomberg and the New York Daily News.

Later in the program former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson was asked about his assertion that "the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed."

Carson defended his comments, saying the comparison was "not hyperbole at all" and that, "whether it's on our doorstep or whether it's 50 years away, it's still a concern, and it's something that we must guard against."

Carson's comments were covered by TIME, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, The Washington Examiner and Politico.

Ben Carson: Debt ceiling standoff a "stupid" ... 00:59

Both candidates were asked about the prospect of the former Republican Vice- Presidential nominee Paul Ryan becoming the next Speaker of the House after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy unexpectedly removed himself from the race. Both candidates offered modest support for Ryan.

Trump offered that he would "be okay" with Ryan as Speaker of the House, adding "I think he doesn't want it very badly." Ben Carson told Dickerson he thought Ryan would do a "fine job" as speaker.

Their comments were picked up by The New York Post, Reuters, and The New York Daily News

South Carolina congressman Mick Mulvaney appeared on the show to offer his opinions on Ryan's potential run. Mulvaney, one of the Republican members of the House pushing for a more conservative speaker did not show strong indications of support. "I think he's got to convince me and some other folks that, if he were in charge, that the place would be different." Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney's comments were covered by The Herald, Politico and Headlines and Global News.

Trump and Clinton: The "trustworthy" problem 03:25

Finally, we released a new CBS Poll that still has Donald Trump leading the Republican Party with 27% of the votes. Following Trump is Dr. Ben Carson at 21%, and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at 9% and 8% respectively. Governor Jeb Bush and former businesswoman Carly Fiorina are the last two candidates above 5%; tied with 6% of the votes.

The two front runners from both parties - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - were viewed as the least honest and trustworthy among registered voters. Only 35% of those polled find Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy, that number drops to 33% for Republican front runner Donald Trump.

For more information on our latest poll please click here, plus, you can watch our panel analysis here