Entertainment buzz: Facebook's top 10 moments of the week

It was a big week for celebrities and movie-lovers alike, as the Oscars were handed out in Hollywood.

Sunday's ceremony ended with big winners ("12 Years a Slave" for best picture, "Gravity" winning seven awards in all), and moments that went viral, like that star-studded selfie and John Travolta's puzzling introduction of Idina Menzel....or should we say, Adele Dazeem? What was your Travolta-ized name?

This week also brought us back to White Pine Bay to check into the new season of "Bates Motel," a "How I Met Your Mother" twist and a trailer for the latest "Transformers" movie.

Facebook has tallied the top 10 buzziest stories in entertainment this week, and all of those topics made the most-talked-about list. Find out what else made the cut exclusively on CBSNews.com:

1. Oscar winners and the 86th Academy Awards

With Ellen DeGeneres hosting, there were some laughs, lots of pizza and a now-record-breaking selfie during Sunday night's awards ceremony. We picked our favorite looks from the red carpet, saw the behind-the-scenes prep, watched the musical performances -- oh, and some awards were handed out too. (Check here for our full list of the winners.)

2. John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel's name goes viral

All John Travolta had to do was introduce Idina Menzel, who was singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" during the Oscars telecast. Instead, he introduced Adele Dazeem. The cringe-inducing moment has been mocked relentlessly since, spawning parody Twitter accounts and even a name-generator for those who want their own name Travolta-fied.

The actor later apologized for the flub: "I've been beating myself up all day. Then I thought ... what would Idina Menzel say? She'd say, 'Let it go, let it go!' Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy 'Frozen' took home two Oscars Sunday night!"

3. Lil' Boosie is released from prison

Rapper Torrence "Lil' Boosie" Hatch was released Wednesday night from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, where he had been serving an eight-year sentence on drug charges. Warden Burl Cain said Hatch remains on supervised parole until 2018.

Fellow rapper Young Jeezy was among those who took to social media to talk about Hatch's release.

4. Pharrell Williams and "Happy"

People were feeling pretty "Happy" after Pharrell Williams performed his hit -- which had been nominated for best original song -- during Sunday's Oscars telecast. Just seeing the likes of Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong'o dancing along should be enough to make you smile.

5. Second season of "Bates Motel" premieres

Fans of the A&E drama about a young Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his mother, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga), were treated to a drama-filled premiere this week, with Norman still hung up over the murder of his teacher, Miss Watson, and Norma trying to fight the construction of a bypass road that would hurt the motel's business. Looks like this is going to be a killer season (pun intended -- we are talking about a future "Psycho," here).

6. Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead"

Anyone who likes AMC's zombie drama is likely a fan of Daryl Dixon (played by actor Norman Reedus). The usually tough-as-nails character let his emotions show through in this week's episode, as he processed the siege on the prison and his guilt over not protecting the group better. He also opened up about what his life was like before the zombie apocalypse.

7. CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" twist

Does the Mother on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" die in the future? Is that the reason why Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) has been chronicling the story of how he met his wife -- their mother -- this whole time? Monday's episode dropped some potential hints that had some viewers wondering if that's been the case all along.

We don't know for sure, but will soon find out: The series finale airs March 31.

8. Singer Chris Brown and references to bipolar disorder

E! News acquired legal documents that suggest Chris Brown might be suffering from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. It obtained a letter from rehab that states: "Mr. Brown will also require close supervision by his treating physician in order to ensure his bipolar mental health condition remains stable. It is not uncommon for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar II to use substances to self-medicate their biomedical mood swings and trauma triggers."

9. "Funny or Die" hoverboard hoax video

On Monday, a company called HUVr Tech unveiled a video promoting its supposed "invention": a hoverboard similar to the one that appeared in "Back to the Future Part II." Tony Hawk was spotted on it, check out this post:

Did you believe it, too? It turns out a lot of people thought the hoverboard was real. But in reality website Funny or Die was behind the video, which ended up being a hoax. Watch Hawk offer an apology:

10. New "Transformers" trailer is released

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" hits theaters on June 27. Watch the trailer below:

*Buzz rankings reflect the top entertainment topics being discussed on Facebook, March 2-5, in the United States. Rankings are based on both frequency and momentum: the Facebook conversations that not only got a lot of buzz during the week, but also saw a notable increase compared with the previous week.

Tell us: What stories were you buzzing about this week?