Trump tweets tax returns; Ellen DeGeneres feels the Bern

From the 2016 presidential candidates on Oct. 15, 2015:

Bernie Sanders: GOP deserted island companion?

DeGeneres: "If you had to pick a Republican presidential candidate to be stuck on a deserted island with, who would it be?"

Sanders: "Umm... Marco Rubio. He's used to the sun."

DeGeneres: "If you were a flavor of Ben and Jerry's, what would you be called?"

Sanders: "Bern, Bernie, Bern."

DeGeneres: "So it would be hot and spicy ice cream?"

Sanders: "That's right." -- Bernie Sanders, in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show that will air Thursday.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders chats with television host Ellen DeGeneres on her show. The interview will air Thursday.
Courtesy the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hillary Clinton had a good trip to Las Vegas.

"I'm feeling really lucky in Las Vegas." -- Clinton, during a tour of a union training and apprentice program in Las Vegas the day after the first Democratic debate.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada October 14, 2015.
REUTERS/David Becker

CBS News' Katiana Krawchenko contributed to this compilation