Donald Trump on the "great woman" who stole the show at his rally

Donald Trump on the "great woman" who stole t... 00:55

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had some kind words for the Hispanic woman who stole the show at his Las Vegas rally this week, telling "Face the Nation" in an interview set to air in full on Sunday that she's "become a very famous woman" since she offered an enthusiastic endorsement to him after being invited onstage.

"She is a great woman," Trump said. "And it was all about People Magazine. I said, 'Yeah, I was on the cover of People Magazine.' She held it up....And she came onstage...she was all over the world. I mean, she could charge a lot right now for appearance fees."

The woman, Myriam Witcher, was jumping with excitement after Trump invited her to come to the podium during a campaign event Thursday in Las Vegas. "I am Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump," she shouted at one point as she brandished a copy of People Magazine.

Trump told "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson that Witcher's enthusiasm reflects the broad support for his candidacy, particularly among Hispanic voters.

"She was a terrific woman, and she was Hispanic," he explained. "And she said, 'The Hispanics love Trump, we love Trump.' And in that room yesterday, which you know is packed, because your people were there, it was packed, and there are thousands of people outside, they couldn't get in. There were many Hispanics. And you talk about polls. I won the Hispanic poll in the state of Nevada. Big Hispanic population. I won it easily. So there's something going on that's been really terrific. There's something going on. It's been a great honor, I have to say."

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