Trump says FEC financial disclosure isn't made for his "massive wealth"

Donald Trump now says he's worth $10 billion - around a billion more than when he announced his candidacy in June.

The new figure appeared in a Trump press release that noted he had fulfilled another requirement in his quest to be president by filing his personal financial disclosure with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday.

His campaign's release attributed the increased net worth to rising real estate values in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and other cities where Trump owns property.

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The financial report is not designed for individuals with such a "massive wealth," his press release declared, since many of the line items for income and assets max out at $50 million. The release noted the resulting understatement, saying, "[I]f a building owned by Mr. Trump is worth $1.5 billion, the box checked is "$50,000,000 or more."

Trump's statement says the billionaire disclosed income for 2014 of $362 million, not including dividends, interest, capital gains, rents, or royalties. He reported gaining about $27 million on stocks, and also disclosed that over 14 seasons of "The Apprentice," that NBC paid him $213,606,575.

CBS News has requested Trump's formal financial disclosure from the FEC, but it has not yet received it.