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David Hasselhoff is tired of paying alimony

Former "Baywatch" star feels he's provided for ex-wife Pamela Bach just about as much as he needs to, so he's filed papers requesting a judge relieve him of his alimony obligation.

Hasselhoff has been paying Bach a court-mandated $21,000 a month since their split in 2006. In the filing -- which was obtained by People -- Hasselhoff explains that his gross monthly income is $112,000, and paying his alimony obligation has necessitated dipping into his retirement.

"I am 63 years of age, and am at an age when I should be preparing for retirement and not having to continue working in order to pay [Bach's] support," he said in the papers.

Hasselhoff is also responsible for the couple's two daughters, Taylor Ann and Hayley, both of whom live with their father.

An actress and producer, Bach has appeared on "Celebrity Big Brother" but has not acted professionally since the split, while Hasselhoff has most recently been filming his appearance in the upcoming "Baywatch" movie.

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