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CIA director "wouldn’t be surprised" by more hacks on election system

CIA director on hacking
CIA director on hacking 01:23

The Colin Powell email hack is not the first -- and likely won’t be the last -- leak of private information from within the U.S. political system.

John Brennan, the director of the CIA, told CBS News’ Jeff Pegues that Russian hackers have been breaking into U.S. political websites for years.

Hacking the election? 00:46

Brennan discussed the cyber attacks on state election systems and the Democratic National Committee, saying he does not specifically blame Russia -- but he did point to Russia’s history of election meddling in other countries​. 

He also told us that he expects more breached information to be released by hackers before the election.

“I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we see it coming out,” Brennan told Pegues.

“I think there are capabilities that a number of our adversaries have -- and again I’m not just talking about nation states or other countries -- I’m talking about individuals who may want to demonstrate that they’re able to hack into systems and release things for whatever their agenda might be, whether it be a political agenda or one that is just trying to undermine our system of democracy here.”

While Brennan didn’t specifically blame Russia for the hacks, multiple law enforcement sources tell CBS News the evidence they are seeing points toRussia being behind the attacks atsome level​.

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