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Best cloud storage tips of 2011

In a lot of ways, 2011 was the year of the cloud -- online storage and software-as-a-service became second nature for a lot of businesses, which had never seriously considered it before.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite cloud tips and tricks from 2011:

Dropbox for teams: Massive, affordable storage
Even if you haven't rationalized a cloud strategy, individuals in your company are probably using services like Dropbox and SkyDrive to keep files and apps available on multiple PCs. Take it to the next level with Dropbox for Teams, a service that delivers massive storage for multiple users.

Simplify your IT: How to centralize your cloud storage services
As web services like Dropbox, Box.Net, and SugarSync proliferate, it becomes ever more difficult to manage and find the various files you have stored in the cloud. That business plan you were working on -- was that in Google Docs or Zoho? The quarterlies -- did someone send them to you via Gmail or Comcast? If you feel your online resources spinning out of control, here are some solutions.

Get 50GB of free storage from Box.Net
Here's a scoop on Box.Net, one of the veterans of the cloud storage business. The big news is that you can now get 50GB of Box.Net storage for free. Plan and lead meetings from the web
If you've ever scheduled a meeting only to find that half your attendees want to call in remotely and the other half didn't bring the agenda or important documents for review, you know that managing meetings is not entirely unlike herding cats. Now there's a new website that brings some order and sanity to the process.

OfficeDrop: How to move paper documents to the cloud
How's your paperless office working out for you? Odds are good you're drowning in as much wood pulp today as you did a dozen years ago. Well, here's a nail in paper's coffin: OfficeDrop is an online storage system that makes all of your paper documents fully text searchable and available anywhere.

Receive files from anyone directly to your Dropbox account
Getting large files from others -- co-workers, partners, vendors, you name it -- remains almost as difficult today as it was 10 years ago. Well, no more. Here is a way to easily let people who aren't on the same network upload files directly to a cloud service you're already using.

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