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OfficeDrop: How to Move Paper Documents to the Cloud

How's your paperless office working out for you? Odds are good you're drowning in as much wood pulp today as you did a dozen years ago, despite the ubiquity of email, PDFs, and online storage. Well, here's a nail in paper's coffin: OfficeDrop is an online storage system that makes all of your previously paper documents fully text searchable and available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

In that sense, OfficeDrop isn't all that different from competition like PaperPort Anywhere, another service that wants to house all of your documents online.

But OfficeDrop goes one step further. Not only does the service let you mail in documents to be scanned and stored online for you, but you can use the OfficeDrop iPhone and iPad apps to scan documents yourself. Imagine getting a handout at a conference, which you immediately scan with your iPhone's camera. The document is immediately stored online as a searchable PDF, and you can ditch the handout -- one less thing to carry around. Once online, your documents can be organized, shared with others, and searched like a collection of files on your own computer's hard drive.

OfficeDrop has a variety of pricing plans, ranging from completely free -- you get 1GB of storage and 50 pages per month that can be scanned and uploaded as fully searchable documents -- to a $100/month plan that has 60GB of storage and allows you to scan 5000 pages per month. You can see the details on all the pricing plans at the OfficeDrop website.

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