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If you've ever scheduled a meeting only to find that half your attendees want to call in remotely and the other half didn't bring the agenda or important documents for review, you know that managing meetings is not entirely unlike herding cats. In the past, I've told you about various tools that help you schedule, organize, and conduct meetings. Now there's a new website -- just out of beta -- that does all those things and more from the cloud. is an online meeting management tool. It's designed to assist you over the entire lifecycle of a meeting. Use it to schedule the event using an online calendar tool, which sends meeting invites that show up in Outlook or whatever scheduling tool your attendees use. You then get a landing page for your meeting that houses attachments you want to share with participants, and where you can take notes and organize agenda items.

You can add new notes and documents at any time, including during the meeting itself, and they're automatically shared. You can use as an online meeting tool to connect your remote attendees. Because the meeting gets its own email address, it's simple for any attendee to send documents to the meeting. And when it's all over, everything is in one place for further sharing and collaboration. is free for meetings with up to six participants and documents up to 6MB in size. For more flexibility -- including unlimited meeting participants and 25MB files, you can try the Pro version for $19/month. looks like a great tool and one that's sure to help many a meeting, but I'm not crazy about the free-or-$19/month choice; an intermediate pricing plan might be a better option.

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