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Get 50GB of Free Storage from Box.Net

I am always on the lookout for good cloud storage deals. In the past, I've recommended various ways to upgrade your Dropbox account, for example, as well as how to mount various cloud services as drives within Windows for easier access. This week, I've got a scoop on one of the veteran of the cloud storage business -- Box.Net. The big news is that you can now get 50GB of Box.Net storage for free.

How? By having an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad. Just download the Box.Net app onto your iOS device and either log into an existing Box.Net account, or create a new one. You'll automatically get 50GB of storage space. The usual free capacity is 5GB.

That's not all. Ordinarily, Box limits individual files to a maximum of 25MB, which is uncomfortably small for many kinds of projects. This upgrade also bumps you up to a 100MB file limit -- not as good as Dropbox, but now competitive with SkyDrive.

Now if only Box.Net would roll out a Windows app that mounts your cloud storage as a drive in Windows for drag-and-drop convenience, we'll really have something.

Read all about the offer -- which expires in about a month -- on Box.Net's blog.

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