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Simplify Your IT: How to Centralize Your Cloud Storage Services

As Web services like Dropbox, Box.Net, and SugarSync proliferate, it becomes ever more difficult to manage and find the various files you have stored in the cloud. That business plan you were working on -- was that in Google Docs or Zoho? The quarterlies -- did someone send them to you via Gmail or Comcast? If you feel your online resources spinning out of control, here's a solution.

Primadesk is a Web service that promises to pull together all of these disparate clouds into a single view on a Web page. After signing up for Primadesk (it's free), you then register each of the online services you use. Once your setup is complete, you can search for files across all of your mail, document, and photo services with a single command, sort of like the way you can search all folders in Windows 7 from one search box. You can also drag and drop files to move them from one service to another, which makes your various clouds function much more like a team.

There are currently 24 services to choose from. On the e-mail front, you can connect to Comcast Mail, AOL, Hotmail, and Gmail. Document services include Google Docs and Zoho. There's also Dropbox, Box.Net, and SugarSync, plus a slew of photo sites like Flickr and SmugMug. Drag and drop doesn't yet work comprehensively across all of the services, but Primadesk is still in beta. That said, it's a huge step in the right direction -- if you ever wondered which service you left a particular file on, give Primadesk a shot.

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