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Receive Files from Anyone Directly to Your Dropbox Account

Getting large files from others -- co-workers, partners, vendors, you name it -- remains almost as difficult today as it was 10 years ago. Sure, there are modern ways to get files, but often they are clumsy and inconvenient, like those file sharing services that give you a download link that expires within 24 hours. What we really need is a way to easily let people who aren't on the same network upload files directly to a cloud service we're already using.

Well, now we have one.

FileStork is a Dropbox add-on that lets you request files from co-workers, who can use the service's Web interface to upload files directly to your Dropbox account. You're the only one who needs a Dropbox account, and the folks you're requesting files from don't need to install or agree to anything. It's painless all around.

So, how big is big? You're limited to a maximum file size of 75MB, which is large, but not extremely so -- it won't fit the bill for very beefy media files, like video files and particularly large graphical comps. That said, the system is secure, reliable, and easy to use -- so if you need to get files from someone, FileStork is a compelling choice.

Of course, there are alternatives to FileStork, namely Airdropper -- though AirDropper has recently moved to a subscription model. FileStork, at least for now, is free and doesn't require any special registration (aside from allowing it to connect to your Dropbox account).

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