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Dropbox for Teams: Massive, affordable storage

You've probably started to think about how cloud storage will affect your business -- you might even have already started relying on the Internet for infrastructure that just a few years ago you had to buy and maintain on your own, on-site. And while the cloud can have fundamentally paradigm-changing implications for the business world (check out What Every CEO Needs to Know about the Cloud in the latest Harvard Business Review), shorter term, I've got a solution you might want to check out.

Already, even if you haven't rationalized a team-wide or company-wide cloud strategy, individuals are probably using services like Dropbox and SkyDrive to keep files and apps available on multiple PCs and to share with co-workers, partners, and clients. Take it to the next level with Dropbox for Teams, a service that delivers massive storage for multiple users. You can get one terabyte for up to five users, for example, for $795/year. You can add additional users and 200MB of storage at an incremental cost of $125.

Dropbox for Teams includes unlimited version history for all files stored online, as well as phone-based technical support. What I like about this offering is that Dropbox is already a trusted and established player in the cloud storage business; unlike potentially flakey startups like Backify, Dropbox has a solid reputation as well as a robust set of tools for sharing and file access.

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