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And So It Begins: "Honeymoon: Take 2"

NEW YORK -- The excitement had ramped up for weeks.

Thousands of couples tried to be among the lucky four picked to contend in the big "Early Show" series: "Honeymoon: Take 2," for a chance to go on a dream trip - a second honeymoon to what had been an unnamed tropical paradise.

The weeklong series began Monday with the introduction of the four couples who will compete against each other all week.

The destination held secret for so long was also revealed: Musha Cay and the islands of Copperfield Bay, an exclusive private-island resort in the Bahamas.

Special Section: "Honeymoon: Take 2"

The couples will go at each other in a different friendly competition each day, with experts on-hand to offer critiques.

And "Early Show" viewers will get to vote online for their favorites.

On Friday, the couple with the most points will be awarded the trip of a lifetime.

The "Final Four" Couples:

Erica Westbrook and Darryl Willie, from Oakland Calif.; Amber and Nick Nunn, from Shreveport, La; Charlotte and Henry Dorsey, from Mays Landing, N.J.; and Kris and David Odekirk, from Layton, Utah.

Erica Westbrook and Darryl Willie:

My name is Erica Westbrook and this is Darryl Willie. … We've been married about half-a-year, but we've been together for five years. Darryl and I met when I was 11 and he was 13. We grew up at the same church. I did salsa where I lived, and he started breaking out in salsa in church, and I thought that was the funniest thing.

Daryl said, "I was like, I'm going to show her all my moves, and I did. And I pulled out all of them, all two of them! And then we just love being around each other. Don't we, Baby?!

The Nunns

I'm Nick. And I'm Amber. And we're the Nunns. We have two small kids, and we're from Shreveport, La.

Amber said, "Nick and I met about six years ago at a Hurricane Katrina shelter in Baton Rouge, La."

Nick added, "I actually called my dad two days after we met and said, 'I met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and it could possibly be my wife one day.' We have been married going on five years now."

Amber: "Everyday life in our household is definitely chaotic, you know, at the end of the day, there's really not enough time for Nick and I to get that one-on-one time that we need."

"I'm the he overworked dad."

"And I'm the worn-out mom. We've never been on a honeymoon. and it is time!"

The Dorseys

"I'm Henry, my wife, Charlotte - we're the Dorseys. Our family consists of our two older daughters … two younger sons and one grandson.

Charlotte: "We've been married 35 years this September. … We were near our 40s when we adopted our first son, Micah, and we were near our 50s when we adopted our second son, Jacob.

Henry: "You talk mortgages to the old ones and you're talking college applications to the middle one and doing second and first grade homework the young guys. … We really, really, really, need to get out of here, OK?"

"Please. Thanks."

The Odekirks

David: We're David and Kris Odekirk. We've been married 25 years."

Kris: "We have four beautiful daughters. Dave and I were high school sweethearts."

David: "I'm just happiest when we're in the same room near each other … because I'm deploying to Afghanistan in 22 months for my next deployment; this second honeymoon would be awesome."

Kris: When you're sending someone off to war, (you think), 'Is this gonna be the last time I'm gonna see him? Have we said enough goodbyes? Have I kissed him enough to remember what our kiss feels like?"

Their daughters said, "You should vote for our parents because they're awesome -- and we want them out of here!"


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