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Kris and David Odekirk

David (42) and Kristine "Kris" (43) Odekirk from Layton, Utah. David is a safety inspector for the federal aviation administration and a pilot in the Army National Guard. Kristine is an airline baggage recovery specialist.

Time Together: 26 years

Married on: August 30, 1985

Special Section: "Honeymoon: Take 2"

Their Love Story: David and Kris met in 1983, while still in high school. Kris actually had a crush on David's older brother! But her interest shifted to David the last two years of high school after his older brother graduated and moved away. It wasn't long after their first date that Kris knew David was the one. It became very apparent that they couldn't stand to be apart, skipping class just to be together. They married in 1985, while still in high school. Upon graduating, David entered the military. Today they have four daughters ranging in ages 16 to 24. Their oldest daughters, Corinne (24) and Katrina ( 23) are both married and pregnant. Hollie (21) is currently serving a LDS mission in Tallahassee, FL. Their youngest Savannah (16) is a junior in high school. Twenty two months from now, David will be deployed to Afghanistan for 1 year tour. This will be David's 5th deployment overseas. In their downtime they enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and playing their Nintendo wii with their kids.

First Honeymoon: David and Kris were just teenagers when they got married, David was barely 17 and Kris was 18. The night of their wedding Kris's parents gave them $100 to spend 1 night in the nearby ski resort town of Park City, Utah. As they were driving to Park City, they missed their turn and ended up spending their honeymoon overnighting in Evanston, Wyoming.

What A Second Honeymoon Would Mean To Them: Between raising four daughters and David's commitment to the military, the Odekirks have never had a chance to go on a real first honeymoon. This opportunity would give them a chance to reconnect and just spend time together as a couple before David's next deployment.