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Erica Westbrook and Darryl Willie

Erica Westbrook (29) and Darryl Willie (31) from Oakland, California. Erica is an instructional designer in education and technology. Darryl works in student affairs at the University of California in Berkley.

Time Together: 5 years

Married on: June 27, 2010

Special Section: "Honeymoon: Take 2"

Their Love Story: Darryl and Erica met at church in North Carolina when Erica was 11 and Darryl was 13. Darryl says Erica was a bit of a bully, even taking it as far as burning an "E" into his arm with an eraser. Darryl says "He was branded for life." They saw each other over the years at church as they went off to college and started their respective careers. Fast forward to 5 years ago, Erica was living in San Francisco and Darryl a student at the University of Georgia. They were both home for the holidays in North Carolina and ran into each other at church. Darryl has always had his eye on Erica but called her "unattainable." Lucky for him he was able to woo her with his salsa dancing in church. She happened to be a salsa dancer. He promised to take classes with her so they exchanged numbers. Later that night they talked on the phone, immediately following their phone conversation Erica hung up, called her friend and told her "I'm going to marry Darryl." He eventually moved to California to be with her. In their downtime they enjoy dancing, working towards their zumba license, and volunteering.

First Honeymoon: Darryl and Erica were married on a Sunday and it was back to work on Wednesday. They had what they like to call a "mini-moon" which consisted of an overnight stay at a local beach hotel. They were both in amidst of a hectic work schedule.

What A Second Honeymoon Would Mean To Them: It would give them a chance to slow down and make time for each other. Darryl and Erica want to take a real honeymoon but both know it will never happen. They let their lives consume them, staying involved in different things. They haven't had a chance to relax and enjoy being married to each other. Winning this honeymoon will give them that opportunity.