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5 CRM and Social Media Integrations Tips | BTalk


Jeyan Jeevaratnam

Jeyan Jeevaratnam

(Episode 469; 10 minutes 01) Like it or not social media is opening new channels of communication between you and your company. Choosing to ignore it might not be a wise option. The question is, how do you integrate these nimble new tools with that clunky old CRM system that cost a fortune to implement and horrendous amounts every time you want to make a change?

Jeyan Jeevaratnam, Vice President for Avanade Australia & New Zealand, says CRM tools are much more flexible these days and you don't necessarily need to throw out your entire legacy infrastructure to make it workable with social media.

On today's BTalk he gives five key points to consider when integrating the two:

  • 1. Offer choice

  • 2. Sales and marketing

  • 3. Testing

  • 4. Metrics

  • 5. Empower the customer

Listen in to today's podcasts to hear these points explained in detail.

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