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Images from Sochi: From the bizarre to the sublime

The Winter Olympics are under way, and you've probably heard all about the "readiness problems" facing Sochi. Hundreds of media members and athletes have posted images to social media and the pictures are often amusing, if not disconcerting. Hotels are not fully operational – and in some cases, not even structurally sound. The Olympic zone still looks like a construction area. Athletes' luggage has been lost.

Behold, some of the utterly bizarre images coming out of Sochi:

U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn's "great escape":



Toilet signage:


Opening ceremony glitch:
 Construction zones:
The Sochi skyline:

Accommodation problems:



Cozy quarters for hockey players:

 Questionable hotel water:

 Animals abound:




It's not all chaos and confusion, though ... there are also images of sheer beauty:

Black Sea sunset:


Olympic rings:

High-altitude beauty:

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