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Paul Steffens

Paul Steffens

(Episode 380; 13 minutes 34) The Queensland University of Technology is participating in a four year study following the development of 1,400 new and young firms in Australia. Associate Professor Paul Steffens is one of the leads on the project.

Based on the findings from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence (CAUSEE) study, Professor Steffens has come up with 10 commandments for successful entrepreneurs. We discuss them and other findings from the survey in todays BTalk Australia podcast.

Here are the 10 commandments:

  1. Spend a lot of time on it
  2. Be action focused
  3. Be adaptable
  4. Plan with care
  5. Be frugal with money
  6. Start in an industry you know well
  7. If you don't know the industry team up with someone who does
  8. Don't be concerned about having the right education
  9. Don't worry about why you got involved
  10. Make sure you network
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