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Your Questions About Grain-Free Dog Food Risks

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)> -- With the rising trend in grain-free dog food, veterinarians around the country have noticed some of the dogs eating this type of food have developed a form of heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM.

We got a ton of feedback after our special report that aired Monday.

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Sandra wants to know: What kind of dog food caused the problem, or are they saying all grain-free dog foods are bad?

Grain-Free Dog Food
(credit: CBS)

One working theory is that it is not necessarily the lack of grains causing an issue, but rather what companies put in place of it. Ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas and other legumes might be stripping a dog's ability to absorb taurine.

Lisa asks: What about cats? Are they affected the same way as dogs?

The research right now suggests no. If your cat is showing symptoms like coughing, sneezing, fainting and fatigue, definitely talk to your veterinarian, but right now the Food and Drug Administration's study is predominantly involving dogs.

And the question on everyone's mind: What's next? The FDA is still working on its investigation and did not give us a timeline, but it is certainly something we will stay on top of.

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