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Think Minnesota's Roads Are Bad? Wisconsin Has It Worse, Study Finds

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesotans love to complain about road conditions, but it turns out our neighbors to the east might have it worse.

A recent study by Consumer Affairs shows Wisconsin has the third-worst roads in the nation.

"According to our survey, there are 'uneven roads on the freeway' in Milwaukee and 'excessive potholes' in Stoddard," Consumer Affairs said. "They 'need to fix holes in streets' in Rhinelander."

The study looked at U.S. Department of Transportation data and surveys from residents to rank each state.

Six percent of Wisconsin's rural roads are in "poor" condition, as well as 29% of its urban roads. On average, the state's residents rated its roads conditions a 5.67 out of 10.

According to the study, Rhode Island has the worst roads in the nation, while Kansas has the best.

Minnesota ranks 33rd, with an average resident rating of 5.5 out of 10. Four percent of its rural roads and 8% of its urban roads are in poor condition.

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