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Water Surrounds Mobile Homes In Scott County

JORDAN, Minn. (WCCO) -- Heavy rain Thursday flooded the Valley Green Mobile Home Community in Jordan. The water surrounded the mobile homes, making it difficult for residents to get in or out.

Sean Rasmussen waded through the neighborhood Thursday afternoon. He spent the day helping others.

"I walked by a couple of times, made sure everyone was OK, anyone that needed help pushing cars through, stuff like that," Rasmussen said.

The farther back in the mobile home park the residents live, the deeper the water got. The flooding came from nearby Sand Creek.

Some people were able to get their cars to higher ground. One person tried to drive a car through but had to abandon it.

Ivan Recinos' home is in the middle of the flooded area.

"I need to swim home," he said.

Recinos took off his shoes and made his way through the water to check on his family.

"I think we need to call Noah again," he said. "This is a flood."

Scott Haas with Public Works has the job of keeping an eye on the creek levels.

"This homeowner stuck an arrow in the ground and we can measure it," Haas explained.

If the water swells a few more inches, they'll have to sandbag the area to protect homes and businesses in downtown Jordan.

Tina Kruger wants to know: "When's the rain going to end?"

Her home is fine now, but she feels for her neighbors who are underwater.

"I guess it will be a good time for community to come together and help one another out," she said.

The city is using a few pumps to try to get the water to do down. The emergency management director for Scott County said while the park is flooded, the inside of all the homes are still dry.


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