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TTYM: Marshawn Lynch's Best Catch All Season And Charles Barkley Bungles Again

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed watch a tribute to Ralph Kiner, the most bizarre Super Bowl commercial you didn't see, Charles Barkley mangle Jonas Valanciunas name and was this Marshawn Lynch's best pass reception all season? 

 Taste the Cinnamon Rainbow

Marshawn Lynch is notorious for ignoring the media but apparently if you are rolling video while also carrying a bottle of FireBall Whiskey he will overlook the unwanted attention.

However, he will still not speak.

During the Seahawk’s Super Bowl parade Lynch took a break from tossing his signature Skittles into the crowd after eyeing the bottle of booze.

He went into full on beast mode – pantomime style -- until the fan handed over the precious cargo.

Reporters take note. Perhaps the best way to unleash the beast is with a little cinnamon whisky.

**Please note despite the inclusion of this story in my article I do not promote the shooting of video. So please for the love of G-d people stop it already.

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A Hired Gun? 

2014 Jamie Casino - 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial - Casino's Law by Jamie Casino on YouTube

You’ve seen them over and over again by now, but the most surprising Super Bowl commercial is actually one you probably didn’t see.

Savannah, Georgia attorney Jamie Casino bought a local spot during the Big Game Sunday and it’s become a viral hit.

Basically he claims to have worked for crooks as a defense attorney but is now working for the victims.

If you want to find out why – watch the spot which plays more like a major motion picture than an advert.

But here’s the important question. Would you hire the guy?

Story via CBS Detroit

Barkley Bungle 

Earlier this year I was disappointed to learn Brent Musburger is getting pushed out of changing rolls at ESPN.

I mean who can announce a game with one foot in his mouth better than Musburger? Who can we count on to make inappropriate comments, read the teleprompter incorrectly and inadvertently insult the masses?

Oh, wait. Charles Barkely still has a job right?

Story via CBS Chicago

Kiner’s Korner

Ralph Kiner Quotes by quotetank on YouTube

And speaking of announcers, as a die-hard Met’s fan I’d be remiss not to tip my hat to the voice of my childhood. Ralph Kiner.

Not always the most eloquent speaker – but always one of the most humble.

Here are some of his best malapropisms in video form.


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