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Due To 'Immediate Safety Threat,' Bear Shot & Killed In North St. Paul

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A bear that was spotted by residents in North St. Paul hanging out in a tree was shot and killed by the Minnesota DNR Thursday morning.

Police reported the bear was involved in an ongoing "stand-off." The department tweeted for those nearby to "please be(ar) careful."

Mick Askey said he was up letting the dog out this morning, when something caught his eye. Askey called the North St. Paul police and they came out with the one conservation officer from the Department of Natural Resources.

Neighbors told WCCO the bear stayed right there in that tree for awhile, but then started moving down the tree. That was when a DNR conversation officer shot two times and killed the bear.

The Minnesota DNR said it was determined the bear posed an immediate safety threat.

"Due to the density of residences and roads in this area, it was unlikely that the bear would have been able to escape to more suitable habitat, especially during daylight hours and during the morning rush hour," the DNR said.

The bear carcass will be processed and the meat will be distributed to people in need, the DNR said.

The bear was a male and estimated at 2 years old and 110 to 120 pounds.


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