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Tanning Salon Employee Accused Of Videotaping Customers

CIRCLE PINES, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Twin Cities man is charged with violating a cherished right: privacy.

Police arrested 30-year-old Jake Lindbeck of Blaine after investigators discovered he allegedly had secretly recorded women who were getting ready to tan at the Paradise Tan and Tone in Circle Pines.

Lindbeck worked at the business until early last month. Police say their investigation shows he had been spying on at least 41 customers.

One of those customers is a young woman named Denise, who called the violating act disgusting.

"People go there for privacy, expecting privacy, and it's sick," she said. "He's a sick individual."

Denise says she's angry at the man accused of holding a camera cell phone over the walls of tanning booths to videotape his victims.

Lindbeck faces 41 counts of interfering with privacy, all gross misdemeanors.

"We want to hear from anybody in the salon while this individual was working, he was a part-time individual," said Sgt. Russell Blanck with Centennial Lakes police.

Police say from Dec. 16, 2014, to March 3, 2015, Lindbeck worked at the salon until a customer spotted something that didn't belong.

"She was tanning and while there she believed she saw a camera over the wall of the room where she was tanning," Blanck said.

Denise says she's disgusted at Lindbeck, but supportive of the business and owner, and will continue to tan at the business.

"One bad employee doesn't make the entire business bad," she said.

The investigation into Lindbeck remains open. There could be additional charges if more victims are found.


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